Animal Control

Monroe County Animal Control Ordinance
It is unlawful to permit any dog to trespass upon the property of another person, or stray beyond the owner's property, unless the dog is restrained by a leash, or within voice command of the owner.  Be courteous and clean up waste left by your animal.  Remember, your pet is your responsibility.

Michigan law requires all dogs older than 4 months to be licensed. 
Annual license expires each December 31. 
Rabies Certificate required at time of licensing. 
Spayed or Neutered $7.50, Otherwise $15. 
Go to Monroe County Animal Shelter 
911  S. Raisinville Road,
Hours 9-4 T-F, Sat 9-3.  
Closed  Sunday. Monday and Holidays 734-240-3125.  
Link to Monroe County Animal Control

Reasons to Leash Your Dog
Not everyone likes dogs. Someone truly afraid may act out of fear and injure your dog.  Property owners can be particular about dogs on their lawns.  It is a good neighbor policy to keep your dog on a leash and from becoming a nuisance to others around you. 
Leashed dogs are rarely hit by cars, no dog responds to commands 100% of the time.  A leash can help pull your dog to safety when a driver gets too close.
Loose dogs get into more fights with other animals.
People can be injured by a loose dog whether intentional or not, dogs could bite, knock over, or injure someone.
If your dog is not spayed or neutered it is probably because you are hoping to breed your pet.  Leashing is one of the best ways to prevent random mating and unwanted puppies.