Treasurer's Office

Lori Beaudrie -
P.O. Box 85
South Rockwood, MI 48179
Office 734-379-3683 Ext 106
Fax 734-379-2523

The Treasurer's Office is responsible for collecting all money due to the Village of South Rockwood, and for managing all banking responsibilities.

Paying Water & Taxes Online:
**For those of our residents who utilize online bill pay THROUGH THEIR BANK, please make sure that you include the proper ACCOUNT NUMBER.
- Your water account number is your ADDRESS at which the service is provided.
- Your tax account number is your PARCEL ID. 
- This is very important to assure that your payments are being posted to the correct account. 
**When using the Village of South Rockwood website to pay by DEBIT/CREDIT online, please enter your FULL ADDRESS as your account number on the first page where it says account information.

**When writing a check please refrain from using RED INK. The bank frowns on this. It is very hard to read copies. 
**When writing your checks, please do NOT POST DATE your check. You can always pay us at a later date. 

Village Taxes:
Village of South Rockwood Taxes are collected July 1 through mid -September each year.  Delinquent taxes are turned over to the Monroe County Treasurer after the September deadline.
NOTE:  The dates will be July 1 - September 14, 2024 this year.
Warning:  Please look your tax bill over closely. Any clerical errors, mutual mistakes or homestead tax exemptions MUST be corrected by the Board of Review.  Compare this statement with your deed or contract before paying this tax. if you pay on the wrong legal description, the law holds you wholly responsible. If you sold the property, return this statement to the office with corrections of name and address.

Payments: You may pay your taxes in person at the Village Hall, or at First Merchants Bank (Flat Rock Branch only). When paying by mail, return the bottom portion of your statement with your check or money order.  The U.S. postal Service must postmark your mailed payment by the due date to avoid incurring penalties.

Partial Payments:  Partial payments may be made at the VILLAGE HALL ONLY from July 1 through mid-September. 
NOTE:  Deadline this year will be September 14, 2024.

**Your cancelled check and the top portion of the tax statement are your receipt.   

**Notices go out in April for the previous year delinquent water and/or grass cutting bills.  If they are not paid by the appointed date in May, the owed amount will be added to the Village summer tax bill.

Escrow Accounts:  If your taxes are paid by your Mortgage Company,  every effort will be made to forward your tax bill to the Mortgage Company.  It is your responsibility to verify they have received it.  If you receive a tax statement marked "copy for records," this means the tax bill was sent to the Mortgage Company.

Delinquent Taxes:  After the due date, taxes are payable to the Monroe County Treasurer, 51 S. Macomb St., Monroe, MI 48161, or call (734) 240-7365 for interest and penalties.