Permit Requirements & Fees

The State of Michigan adopted the single state codes to protect the public health, safety and welfare and provide for uniform enforcement in every jurisdiction. In the Village of South Rockwood the building department enforces these codes.  The process protects residents and business owner from the hazards of unsafe construction and helps them understand local laws and ordinances.  The State of Michigan also requires all residential builders, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical  contractors to be licensed by the State.  Contractors must register with the Village prior to beginning work. The Village verifies their licenses and insurance to make sure they are qualified.   

By issuing permits, the Village has the opportunity to inspect permitted construction ensuring that acceptable standards are met and appropriate materials and methods are used.   The Village of South Rockwood appreciates the cooperation of its residents and businesses in insuring that the Village remains a safe place to live and work.

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Building Permit A building permit is required for all construction, remodeling and maintenance except those items classified as "normal maintenance" in the codes. 
Building Permit Fee Schedule
Sample Site Plan for Building Permit

Form for Homeowner pulling their own Permit
Electrical Permit  Electrical permits are required for the installation of new new electrical service equipment, existing service relocations, service increases, as well as fixed appliances and equipment connections.
Mechanical Permit  Mechanical permits are required for the installation or replacement of any furnace or central air conditioner, duct work installations and gas piping installations.
Plumbing Permit A Plumbing Permit is required for the installation of any new plumbing fixture, hot water heater, water systems supply lines, and any new drain waste or vent pipes.
Zoning Permit  The Village of South Rockwood Zoning Ordinance controls the location, size and height of structures such as buildings, garages and additions to houses. The Zoning Ordinance also controls what you can do in different parts of the Village. The Zoning Ordinance is designed to protect Village residents, their homes and businesses from conflicting activities nearby.
Demolition Permit A permit is required for the demolition of any commercial or residential building.
Driveway/Culvert Permit 
Overweight / Oversize Permit
Vacant Home Registration Form The Village of South Rockwood requires a $25.00 annually registration fee for a vacant home, and a $200.00 vacant home inspection fee. 
Vacant Inspection Information & Fees
Zoning Ordinance Book