Inspections are necessary to make certain the work performed by an individual or contractor conforms to the codes adopted by the Village.

Inspectors do not have have office hours.  All inspection requests are taken by the building clerk and scheduled with the appropriate inspector.  Questions for inspectors must also be routed through the building clerk.

The person who filed for the permit is responsible for requesting each inspection. Normally, 24-hour advance notice is required. If the work is not completed at inspection time, a re-inspection fee will be charged.

Typical inspections include the following, however additional inspections my be determined by the inspector as he deems appropriate:

Building - footing, foundation, pre-pour, backfill, brick flashing, garage/porch footing , insulation, rough, final 
Electrical - service, rough, finalrough
Mechanical - gas pressure, rough, final
Plumbing - underground, rough, final

Other kinds of inspections depend on the type of work:

Fences - final
Signs - electrical, final
Accessory buildings - footings, final
Decks - post hole, final
Driveways - form & grade, final
Roof - open roof, final